Friday, October 29, 2010

And the clubs are underway!

Four Young Writersclubs are underway in the Koinadugu District, and here we see two authors doing peer-editing in the Dankawalie Secondary School club. A thunderstorm was going on while we were visiting this club on October 18th, but the drafting, conferencing, and revising all went on nonetheless. You can also see here a content conference going on at Kabala Secondary School's club. The author made a statement in his piece that one of the students thinks he needs more evidence for, and he will have to think about this when he writes his second draft.
I visited the four clubs in the Kabala area in the third week of October in the company of one of the facilitators of a Young Writersclub in Freetown, and we joined in the facilitating wherever we went. We have nothing but praise for the way these new clubs have begun.

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